hand pipe made from wood and aluminum
original monkey pipe for smoking dry herbs and tobacco
hand pipe with swivel lid
green colored hand pipe with swivel lid
red colored aluminum hand pipe
hand pipe made from wood and aluminum, branded by "Monkey Pipe"
travel hand pipe, made of wood and aluminum
wooden chillum for traveling
purple colored hand pipe for traveling, made by "Monkey Pipe"
teal colored Monkey Pipe
silver colored Original Monkey Pipe

Original Monkey Pipe

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Made in the USA, the Original Monkey Pipe is composed of both aluminum and wood. While top and bottom are made of wood, the center is made from aluminum. The wooden top is able to swivel back and forth, opening and closing the hand pipe. When this top is swiveled 180˚, the Monkey Pipe is considered fully opened. When fully opened, the aluminum body is exposed and you're able to see the bowl for dry herbs. Pack it with your tobacco or dry herbs, then ignite it. As you ignite the bowl, inhale through the recessed mouthpiece on the wooden top. Starting from the dry herb bowl, the smoke will travel between the aluminum body and wooden bottom. As it travels through this path, the smoke will cool before exiting the mouthpiece. This is due to the 2 ventilation holes embedded into the aluminum body. Measuring in at 1.75" in length, the Original Monkey Pipe is noticeably portable. You can even pre-pack it, swivel it closed, and stick it into your pocket for a future smoke sesh. The swivel lid prevents any herbs from falling out inside your pocket, and ensures your herbal material is secured within the bowl. If there's a perfect hand pipe for bringing on-the-go, its the Original Monkey Pipe. It's readily equipped to take on any excursion! The Original Monkey Pipe is offered in your preferred color of aluminum: Teal Blue Black Gold Silver Green Red Purple *Hardwood will vary from a light to dark shade.

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