Does consuming cannabis help better than sleep aids?

Does consuming cannabis help better than sleep aids?

Having trouble sleeping? Try cannabis over your traditional over-the-counter sleep aids. 

A study by Washington State University (WSU) scientists found people who take in cannabis to aid with sleep gave up using prescription and over the counter rest aids such as melatonin and benzodiazepines. The study, published in the Exploration of Medication journal, found 80% of the 1,255 marijuana consumers evaluated, no longer utilized the sleep aids, relying instead on high-THC cannabis items.

Fifty percent of those evaluated reported particularly utilizing cannabis consisting of CBD and the terpene myrcene, 33.8% made use of marijuana edibles, and 14.1% utilized cannabis capsules.

In a statement, Carrie Cuttler, the senior writer of the study and an associate professor of psychology at WSU, shared her shock that individuals were seeking marijuana items consisting of myrcene for sleep help purposes.

According to Cuttler, research study suggests that myrcene, a substance discovered in marijuana, might advertise rest. This concept is sustained by the experiences of marijuana individuals, that have observed enhanced rest top quality and less negative effects contrasted to conventional sleep help. Participants in a study reported varying early morning outcomes, with marijuana individuals really feeling much more revitalized, focused, and better able to function. They additionally reported fewer headaches and less nausea or vomiting, but a higher occurrence of dry mouth and red eyes. Additionally, weed consumers reported feeling sleepier and a lot more distressed or cranky in the early morning compared to other rest aids.

"As a whole, making use of marijuana for sleep-related concerns was viewed as even more beneficial than nonprescription medicines or prescription sleep help," Cuttler said. "Unlike long-acting sedatives and alcohol, cannabis was not related to a 'hangover' result, although individuals reported some sticking around results such as drowsiness and modifications in mood."

Greater than 60% of research study individuals stated they obtained 6 to eight hours of rest when making use of marijuana alone, while less than 20% of participants claimed they obtained six to 8 hours of sleep when making use of a sleep aid.

The research study, "A large study of marijuana usage for rest: preferred products and perceived results in comparison to over the counter and prescription rest help," was released October 25 and appeared in the journal's unique problem labelled Beyond Weed: Medical Applications of Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

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