How to Dab Concentrates

How to Dab Concentrates

History and Types of Concentrates

Dabbing has become extremely popular over the last decade with the introduction of different types of concentrates. Even though the idea of concentrates has been around for nearly a century, in 2010, the debut of hash oil was introduced at High Times Cannabis Cup. Short time later, dispensaries started carrying budder and waxes for the concentrate connoisseurs. In this post, I’ll educate you on some of the tricks that I’ve learned over the years of dabbing to stay safe and get the most desired effect out of your dab session.  As I stated before, there are different types of legal concentrates from shatter, wax, crumble, budder, live resin, live rosin, sugar, sugar wax, and by the time I finish this sentence a new form of concentrate will probably be hitting the market, LOL!

What you need to get started for dabbing

First you’ll need the proper equipment and dabbing accessories which includes your favorite dab rig filled with water, a butane torch, dabber and carb cap or dabber-carb cap combo, and a quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail.  If you are using your dabbing equipment for legal cannabis, the size of dab depends on your tolerance; and you should always start small and work your way up to larger dabs. The average legal cannabis buds you smoke ranges from 15% to 25% THC and your choice of legal concentrates can range in the 65%-80% THC range.  Always make sure to know the potency of your product before consuming.

What is the Best Dab Temperature?

Best temperature for dabbing is always up for debate. A key thing to remember, the lower the temperature of the nail equals better terpene flavors you're going to get from your concentrates and the higher temperature of the nail, the more smoke you'll get off those hits. Let's get started by grabbing your butane torch and move that torch around to evenly coat the bottom of the nail. The type of nail and thickness will play a factor on how long to hold the torch to the bottom of the nail but a good rule of thumb is once you start seeing a little bit of a red glow, that's when you know the nails hot enough. When the nail is glowing red, its approximate temperature is around 800 degrees.  You want to wait about 25-30 seconds and let the nail cool down to approximately 500 to 650 degrees for a good dab session. If you were to dab when the temperature is too high, you have a good chance of hurting your lungs and not get the full benefit of the cannabinoids in your concentrates. On the flip side, if the nail is too cold, the concentrate will not be vaporizing properly and you will not get the results that you are looking to accomplish. An easy way to test the heat to determine the proper dabbing temperature is to use the side of your hand and place it about a half an inch from the nail.  If you can comfortably keep your hand in that position and feel that the nail is slightly warm, you are ready to dab.

Ready to Dab

Now that your nail is at the proper temperature, take your dabber and get the amount of concentrate that you’re going to consume on the end of the dabber.  Once the proper amount of concentrate is on the dabber, begin inhaling on your dab rig and place the dabber on the inside wall of the nail to let the concentrate slide off from the heat. Next, take your carb cap and place it on top of the nail to prevent the heat and vapors from escaping. Continue to inhale and watch the smoke become thicker and from time to time lift up the carb cap.

Hope this helped you learn more about how to dab.  If you have a comment or question, submit it through the contact us section on the Mr. Weed’s home page.

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