Inside Out Glass……What Is It?

Inside Out Glass……What Is It?

“Inside Out” style of glass refers to how the piece was worked.  What this means the glass artist works the inside of the piece versus the outside surface.  All decorations and details are done internally instead of the outside allowing for a smooth surface.

 Inside Out pieces are typically more elaborate designs.  The thickness of the exterior glass helps to magnify the patterns of the interior glass making the color more 3D.  This is a much more lengthy and difficult style of piece to make by hand.  However the unique designs are worth it.

 Sometimes Inside Out glass is also referred to as “Double Blown”.  This term isn’t as accurate as Inside Out and was originally created by importers who wanted to create a new industry term.  They thought this would be more simplified for general consumers to understand that the glass was blown twice, once to expand and open the glass, then again to close it.

 Mr. Weed’s offers a variety of Inside Out glass pieces. 

Check out a couple of sweet examples:  Murica Hand Pipe  |  Dichro Stripe Fritted Hand Pipe | Swirled Hand Pipe

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