What style of Quartz Banger Nail do I buy?

What style of Quartz Banger Nail do I buy?

Quartz bangers is a style of nail used for smoking concentrates inside of a rig or a water pipe. We're going to go over a whole bunch of different styles that we have all the way from the most generic all the way up to the very super expensive. When you're choosing your quartz banger for your style, you want to make sure that you're getting the correct style joint like a 14mm female, 14mm males, etc. and then you need to make sure to pick out a carb cap that fits in with the piece that you have. A carb cap slows the cooling process and it allows the concentrate to smoke a lot longer.


Let's get started you’re your basic nail banger which is going look similar to this 2mm female quartz nail banger below. These types of bangers will be your cheapest options due to a thin millimeter bucket. What you do with these is you heat the base up, drop in your dabs and you can put a carb cap over top of them. 



If you want something a little bit thicker, you can go up to a 4mm thick wall banger like this 4mm thick quartz nail banger below. These are a little bit more expensive starting around $15 and up to around $25. The real thick base takes a little bit longer to heat up to the proper temperature but the banger holds a lot more heat so you'll want to make sure you have a bigger torch to heat these up.


Now let’s look into some specific types of quartz nail bangers.

Grail nail bangers almost look like a little cup on the end and they also has a slit in the front which is actually a cut in the quartz that allows air to come in and then go out and up into the pipe.  The grail allows more air circulation which means more vapor.


Next is the thermal banger which there's actually a dish inside of a dish and this style does a lot more radiant heating. What you'll do here is heat the base and as you put your dab in into the center, the smoke actually travels up and then over the inner dish and into the sidewalls, and then down your tube into your water pipe or your rig. The thermal quartz bangers are perfect ones for lower temperature dabs.


The next step up from the thermal banger is the drop-in style banger. Drop in style quartz bangers are really cool because they keep your quartz bangers really clean and this style banger is a lot bigger than the 4mm and our 2mm bangers. You’ll see the separate dish fits directly inside of your banger so first you'll heat the quartz banger at the base without the drop in dish, put all of your concentrate that you want to smoke on into your drop in dish and then once your nail is heated up to the proper temperature, just drop in your dish. This is a more radiant style heating which will definitely cool a lot quicker but it'll give you more taste to your hit.  Remember the lower the temperature hits equals the better flavors you're going to get and the higher temperature of the banger, the more smoke you'll get off those hits.

Reactor core quartz bangers are great even for the most novices of dabbers. In the center, there is a little quartz cylinder attached to the base so you'll heat the base up and that center core gets extremely hot which starts to pull the heat up. Next, you'll put your dab inside the dish and then you’ll us your carb cap with a little arm so it goes over top and then spins and that little arm spins around that little quartz cylinder at the bottom.


There are also some different style bangers that don't require the use of a torch. A lot of dabbers love using the e-nail. These quartz bangers for an e-nail are a little bit different than the regular bangers because they are designed to fit a standard coil used to heat your banger. The quartz e-nail bangers are a little bit thinner and longer and the electric coil will come up around the dish and then it'll slide over and hang on this little lip.  The lip will actually hold it up in place so the coil will sit right against and around your dish which heats it up all electric.


If you wanted to try something a little bit more extravagant, honey bucket bangers are really unique. Honey bucket bangers have a replaceable swing arm that comes out and then you have your basic bulb which almost looks like an old-style globe for a rig. To use this style you'll heat the bottom of this dish of the swing arm and then once that's hot enough, flip it into your dish and then put your dab into your dish of the swing arm. All the vapors are going to go up and then down into your water pipe.


The last style that I’ll describe is the trough style quartz banger. When Joel Halen designed the trough-style nail, he revolutionized the world of dabs. Offering more surface area than any other nail on the market, the open dozer-scoop bucket on the trough allows for even volatilization of concentrates, minimizing reclaim build-up and waste.


 I hope some of these explanations help with your purchasing decisions and educating you on the world of quartz banger nails.

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